Donald Trump is a rich gluttonous bigot. So much that he publicly condemns the religion of peace: ISLAM. This hate for Islam is commonplace today as a result of ignorance as to what Islam really entails. When we look at the etymology of Islam, it comes from the word “salaam” which means peace. Its teachings are bent on the idea of goodness and honesty, and obedience to the almighty creator, who is worthy of worship. This concept has been basterdized from years of incessant and unruly indulgeance by the people who really do not want the truth to propagate.
In the wake of 9 11 attacks, the concept of Islam had been further painted black by the activities of terrorists. Those attacks were not Islamic in anyway, nor is the ideologies of those terrorists who were blinded by rage and personal fury. It’s not in any way in the ideology  of Islam.



I am baffled by the extent to which the IDU carries out its activities with a little help from the United States of course in violating International Law and human fundamental rights by committing vast genocide since 1948.
A lot of people do not know the reason why Israel is always at war with its Arabian neighbours and the media, majority of which is vastly owned or controlled by Israelis always hide the fact that the palestinians were secretly sent away from their place of birth and homes just because a Theodore Herzl feels a state should be created for the jews and Adolf Hitler contributed with the Holocaust, when Britain’s Balfour Declaration skyrocketted Israeli aggression against Palestinians who were made to suffer for anti-semitism of ages.
Lets call a spade a spade: The so-called people of Israel were sent out of the present area around the middle ages. So what justification do they have for coming to take over after some centuries? Besides, the Allies’ sympathy for the jews around WW2 should have been settled by creating a jewish state from the territory of the Allies, afterall the U.S has a vast geographical area which is more than enough for all the jews world wide.
Suddenly a soldier alive is worth more than thousands of children dead. Palestinian children killed and the International community didnt even blink since they are not human, but an Israeli soldier missing makes headlines in seconds sequel to the continous bombardment of the little strip of land to which the Palestinains have been deported to by the invaders. Yet the United Nations shun and keep playing dirty politics behind the scene with its “sponsors”.
Is that fair?